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FP7 - Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)


Grants are available to encourage the more rapid discovery and development of better medicines for patients while improving the competitiveness of the European pharmaceutical industry.

Status: Open
Application Deadline: 19/03/2013
Last Updated: 20/12/2012
Last Significant Update: 20/12/2012

Further information

Fund Value: € 1,692,700,000

Value Notes

The Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI JU) has a total budget of €2 billion (€1 billion from the European Community and €1 billion from the industry) for the period 2008-2013.

Extended Description

The Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI JU) is a joint technology initiative between the European Commission and the pharmaceutical industry.

Under this initiative, private-public partnerships are formed to research and develop strategies in which to remove the bottlenecks in drug development, acting where research is the key.

Long term aims include the increase of competitiveness of the European pharmaceutical sector and foster Europe as the most attractive place for Research and Development, thereby enhancing access to innovative medicines for patients.

The projects implementing IMI Research Activities are to be funded jointly by the European Communities represented by the European Commission and by the research-based pharmaceutical companies that are members of EFPIA, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.

Latest Information

The 8th Call for Proposals is now open to Stage 1 submissions with a deadline of 19 March 2013

Calls For Proposal

Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking 8th Call - now open

  • Opened: 17 December 2012
  • Deadline: 19 March 2013

Call identifier: IMI-JU-8-2012

Budget: €143.3 million (from the EC).

The topics called are:

Topics included under the IMI programme 'Combating Antibiotic Resistance: New Drugs for Bad Bugs (ND4BB)'

  • Topic 1C: Innovative Trial Design & Clinical Development (work package 6 of Topic 1)
  • Topic 3: Discovery and development of new drugs combating Gram – negative infections

Topics included under the Theme 'Developing an aetiology-based taxonomy for human diseases'

  • Topic A: Approaches to develop a new classification for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and related connective tissue disorders and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
  • Topic B: Approaches to develop a new classification for neurodegenerative disorders with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Parkinson’s disease (PD)

European induced pluripotent stem cell bank.

Further information is available on the IMI website.

Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking 7th Call

  • Opened: 19 July 2012
  • Deadline: 9 October 2012 (17.00 Brussels local time)

Call identifier: IMI-CALL-2012-7

Budget: €26 million

The IMI 7th Call 2012 for proposals will have two topics covering the following key research priorities:

  • Knowledge Management (correlated to the Areas of Interest: knowledge, patient, development).
  • Coping with regulatory and legal hurdles (correlated to the Area of Interest: development).

The two topics are:

  1. Developing a framework for rapid assessment of vaccination benefit/risk in Europe.
  2. Incorporating real-life clinical data into drug development.

Documents for this Call are available on the FP7 Participant Portal and the IMI website

Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking 6th Call

  • Opened: 29 May 2012
  • Deadline: 9 July 2012 (17.00 Brussels local time)

Call identifier: IMI-CALL-2012-6

Budget: €223.7 million

The 6th Call consists of one Theme: Combating Antibiotic Resistance: NewDrugs4BadBugs (ND4BB) and covers the following:

  • Topic 1: Innovative Trial Design & Clinical Drug Development
  • Topic 2: Learning from success and failure & Getting Drugs into Bad Bugs

A third subtopic (Subtopic 1C) will be launched later in 2012. Future Calls by the IMI JU addressing further research topics in relation to antimicrobial resistance will follow throughout 2012/2013.

Documents for this Call are available from the Participant Portal.

Last Significant Update Reason

The IMI Joint Undertaking has launched the Eighth Call for proposals.

Expressions of interest are now being accepted with a closing date of 19 March 2013.

The maximum budget for this call from the EU is €143.3 million.

For more information, visit the IMI Joint Undertaking website (opens new window).

Key Criteria

Participants in proposals under this initiative must be legal entities, and can include:

  • Research Institutes
  • Universities
  • Industry, including SMEs
  • End-users.

Proposals can involve one or several participants.

Eligible Expenditure

The IMI joint undertaking will fund patient centred projects. Patient centred projects are defined as research projects addressing the principle causes of delay, or bottlenecks, slowing down the development of innovative medicines.

Patient centred projects will be conducted and supported through a unique type of public and private collaborations between European patient organisations, universities, hospitals, regulatory authorities, and small and large companies.

The IMI Joint Undertaking research agenda will focus on the following research areas:

  • Predicting safety: this addresses bottlenecks related to accurately evaluating the safety of a compound during the pre-clinical phase of the development process, but also impacts the later phases in clinical development.
  • Predicting efficacy: this addresses bottlenecks in the ability to predict how a drug will interact in humans and it may produce a change in function.
  • Knowledge management: this addresses the more effective utilisation of information and data for predicting safety and efficacy.
  • Education and training: this closes existing training gaps in the drug development process.

Both knowledge management and education and training aim, as underpinning areas, to improve the information flow between the different phases of the drug development process.

Application Procedure

Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI JU) calls are conducted through a two-stage process:

The first stage of the call process is addressing 'Applicant Consortia' (e.g. collaborations between academia, SMEs, patient organisations, non EFPIA industry, etc), to submit to the IMI JU an Expression of Interest in response to a call.

In the second stage, following the first stage peer review, the 'Applicant Consortium' of the best Expression of Interest, and the 'EFPIA consortium' that already are associated to the topic, will be invited to form a full 'Project Consortium'. The full project proposal shall contain a draft Project Agreement which is to be concluded between all members of the consortium governing their relationship, including detailed intellectual property rights based on the IMI JU intellectual property rights policy.

Contact the European Commission for more information.


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